Things to Do Instead of Drink

Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday routine that we lose touch with what we like to do for fun. Drinking has become virtually our only source of pleasure and / or our reward for trudging through our daily tasks and responsibilities.  We forget about the healthy things we used to do for entertainment or relaxation.

You do need to have some alternatives to drinking, or else your old habits will want to take over.

1)      Download the attached worksheet and begin doing a little self-discovery. Set aside about 30 minutes to an hour and try to let your mind wander on some of the things you used to do for enjoyment. The worksheet has a few examples to get you started. It is divided into 3 separate columns – “Relaxing / Leisure,” “Creative,” and “Productive” – because sometimes we drink due to stress, sometimes we drink because we’re bored and sometimes we drink because we just don’t know what else to do!

Download Worksheet- Things to Do 

2)      Once you’ve made the list, go back and circle or highlight the top 5 things in each category. Keep the list in a convenient place and refer to the sheet when you want to drink because you can’t think of anything else to do.

3)      Keep in mind – you are getting control of your life again – SO LIVE IT!!

One thought on “Things to Do Instead of Drink

  1. This is such a true statement. I drank so much I forgot who I was. These articles have been very helpful in knowing that other people know what it’s like. It’s so easy to get lost in the dark

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